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Farutex is a countrywide food distributor for HoReCa sector. The company has operated on the market for almost 25 years and has now 18 branches all over Poland. The company’s offer comprises nearly 6 thousand fresh, cooled, frozen and dry products, including fish and seafood, meat, vegetables and fruit, potato products, dairy products, beverages, ice cream, bread and cakes. Amongst the core clients of Farutex are the following customers: Qubus Hotels, Accor Hotels, Radisson Hotels, Grycan cafes, empik cafes and Statoil and BP petrol stations. Farutex is proud of its training and consulting programme called “Farutex Culinary Academy”, with an aim to raise qualifications and offer possibility to share experience among professional Chefs and Cooks from all over Poland.  

If you would like to cooperate with us, please read the principles of submitting cooperation offers concerning purchase of food products below:

All tenders and offers of cooperation should be sent to or . To speed up the process of offer assessment, please could you accurately present your opinion on the following issues that must be included in an offer that is submitted to us:
1. Purchasing price specified on an invoice (price list 100 and discount percentage)
2. Price guarantee – what is the period for which you guarantee that the terms and conditions are not changed (price increases)
3. Credit limit  (required securities)
4. Logistic minimum for 12 branches countrywide
5. Time of order delivery to our branches  or time of order preparing  when EXW terms
6. Bonus system concerning promotion, marketing, purchase and resale in the final market
7. Guarantee of maintenance of agreed product stock
8. Quality certificates (attestations, Polish label form, quality specification, etc.)
9. Confirmation of a membership in a capital group
We will contact you immediately, if we are interested in specific products or solutions presented in your offer. A decision on an introduction of a new supplier and new product offer is made together in the sales and marketing department. Therefore, an offer has to be sent to us via e-mail.
After the basic offer is agreed and we approve terms and conditions of cooperation, could you please deliver the following documents:
  • “Product card" a submission of every product via e-mail – it may be downloaded in form of a PDF/XLS file.
  • Registration documents of the Supplier’s company (NIP – tax identification number, REGON - Polish business registry number, registration of business activity, National Court Register, etc.)
  • “Supplier’s card”- communication - contact phone numbers for the purpose of orders, complaints, etc. it may be downloaded in form of a PDF/XLS file.
All inquires related to a submission of an offer should be sent to oferta@farutex.pl.
  • Procedure for Supplier assessment and qualification
  • Download file

If you want to address other issues, below are the contact details of our Purchasing and Import Department:

Farutex Sp. z o.o.
ul. Niciarniana 49 D
92-320 Łódź